COPD Wellness Program

The COPD Wellness Program is a group for individuals living with chronic lung conditions such as COPD. If you have barriers to attending a pulmonary rehab program in-person, or have attended a workshop in the past and would like a refresher, this group could be right for you.

A Respiratory Therapist will lead the program virtually, which allows you to take advantage of the program from the comfort of your own home. Our workshop is similar to pulmonary rehabilitation programs by providing lung disease education from Living Well with COPD. This includes breathing management, tips on conserving energy, reducing respiratory infections, controlling environmental factors, mood management and much more.

Learn from clinical guest speakers about nutrition, relaxation techniques and beginner exercises. You will also receive guided instructions for the Home Exercise Program mailed right to your home. This group is designed to meet you where you are with your lung concerns and helps to build your confidence in getting more active and managing your lung disease.