About Edmonton Southside PCN

Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network (ESPCN) consists of a team of health care professionals who work with family doctors to improve Medical Homes. Our 180 staff support more than 300 family doctors in over 100 member clinics.

Each member of our team of healthcare providers plays a specific role in improving, coordinating and delivering primary health services. Our team is composed of nurses, nurse practitioners, behavioural health consultants, social workers, registered dietitians, exercise specialists, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, quality improvement and administrative staff.

Our priority is building strong Medical Homes to improve patients’ health and wellness. We provide services to patients dealing with complex and chronic health issues such as diabetes, mental health and obesity. By incorporating a multidisciplinary team model that’s co-located in the office, physicians are able to provide more holistic care to their patients.

What is a Medical Home?

A Medical Home represents accessible patient-centred care, for all stages of life. It emphasizes prevention through primary care, and connection to broader health services when needed. The ESPCN works within this team-centred approach to encourage valuable relationships between family physicians and their patients through a wide range of services that support individuals, families and their communities.

Our Vision

To be the trusted cornerstone of a healthy community.

Our Mission

To provide team-based primary care and work with our community to achieve the best health for all.

Our history

ESPCN was the first primary care network established in Alberta in 2005.

Primary Care Networks were created as a resource for physicians to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to serve patient needs and provide comprehensive primary care. Each PCN has a unique multidisciplinary team built to serve their specific population.

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The Edmonton Southside PCN is proud to have over 300 family doctors as members in more than 100 clinics across the community.

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