PCN workshop inspires patient to write a poem

Hendrik Albarda discovered what Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network has to offer after his family doctor referred him to a healthy aging nurse.

He explains that his doctor, Dr. Sheela Duia, at Nova Medical Clinic thought that the PCN could help him with his aging. Mary Whale, the healthy aging nurse, visited Hendrik in his home.

After meeting with Mary, Hendrik, 85, decided to register for Moving for Memory.

The eight-week group workshop, offered by Edmonton Southside PCN, focuses on physical activity and steps towards a healthier brain. Activities in the workshop include resistance training, balance exercises, walking, stretching and memory games.

“It was a pleasure to work with Hendrik for the Moving for Memory program. He worked within his physical capabilities and was always engaged when we would add new exercises and physical activities. Throughout the session, Hendrik contributed to the group and shared many positive insights including playing the harmonica for us!” said Lisa Workman, who is a PCN exercise specialist and a facilitator for Moving for Memory.

Hendrik enjoyed the workshop and the chance to interact with other participants. It inspired him to write a poem:

Primary Care Network
Now this session is coming to an end
I am sure we all have gained
more than one friend.

This team was doing their very best
So that we are able by ourselves
to do the rest

They were trying to show us all
ways for us to make sure
that we don’t fall

They were showing us ways
to stay alert
So that we can avoid to fall
and get seriously hurt

They were also very kind
by showing us ways
to sharpen our mind

And so I thank the staff
for their wisdom and dedication
That is why I wrote this little ditty
To show my personal appreciation.