Your health is the focus in a medical home

by Rhonda Philipenko
Healthy Aging Nurse

“Home” brings the hope of being taken care of. Your “medical home” offers the same hope.

The people in your medical home are your family doctor, as well as the other healthcare workers in the clinic. The other healthcare workers may include a nurse, dietitian, social worker, respiratory therapist, or exercise specialist.

Over time, the healthcare team will get to know you and what is important to you. YOUR health will be the focus. The team will work together with you to meet the goals that make sense.

As we grow older and experience life in different ways, what is important to us may change. Your medical home is a safe place where your team will understand your changing needs. You will be familiar with your team and be able to see them when you need to. They will connect you to other resources if necessary.

Our health issues can become more complicated as we age. A strong connection to your medical home will help to manage those issues more quickly and effectively. Your medical home will be a place that you can trust to help you live your best life.