Family physician sees impact of PCN services

Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network equipped Dr. Mark Antoniuk with resources offering him the opportunity to accept additional patients to his medical practice.

“I’ve actually had new patients who’ve wanted to join my practice because I was part of the PCN. They’ve heard of all these services that are available, and they’ve left other clinics because they didn’t have the extra programs that we’re providing,” says Dr. Antoniuk.

As a solo practitioner, he receives support through a multidisciplinary team, which consists of a registered nurse, geriatric nurse, dietitian and a behavioural health consultant. In addition the team helped to free up Dr. Antoniuk’s time by assisting him with his complex patients who require extra time for advice and management.

“With having better access into the clinic it has helped reduce wait times for appointments. As well, now that they’re able to receive acute care with myself they have less of a need to go to the emergency department or walk in clinics,” says Dr. Antoniuk.

Prior to spring 2011, Dr. Antoniuk was unable to accept new patients as the clinic was at maximum capacity. He felt he wasn’t providing all of their health needs due to the lack of multidisciplinary resources. Dr. Antoniuk knew he needed help with the increasing health demands of the community. The PCN was the solution.

“I was looking after their acute care effectively, however I didn’t feel I was able to provide all of those services to them in terms of education, chronic disease management, and psychological counselling,” says Dr. Antoniuk.

Dr. Antoniuk now feels his patients overall health and wellness has improved. His health care team offers their knowledge, and expertise to assist him. Together, they are able to focus on the patient’s needs as a whole.

“We’ve been looking at their needs at home, as well as have been able to focus more on the preventative medicine by looking at their exercise routine, their diet, health screening tests and their stressors in their life,” he says.

The PCN enabled Dr. Antoniuk to provide his patients with the best care and ability to access different types of medical care at their convenience in one location. Dr. Antoniuk is also pleased that within the medical home he can assist an entire family with multi-generational care.

This is good news for Dr. Antoniuk and his patients. He is able to focus on his practice, with the assistance of the medical team to the better the health and wellness of his patients.