Chronic pain requires supportive care

Compassionate care is what has helped Dave Lidgett through one of the toughest health challenges in his life.
Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network (PCN) clinical staff provided Dave with a listening ear and guided him through the health system.

The 52-year-old was in a serious car accident in December 2008 where he went through the window after his vehicle was jackknifed with a truck. Dave had to have back surgery but was still left with severe chronic pain.

“What happened when they did the surgery was scar tissue occurs around the left nerve. The nerve itself moves when you walk. Mine is solid now and it doesn’t move. What it does is every time I walk, sit or move, it is pulling on the nerve and sends excruciating pain down my legs,” says Dave.

Through Dr. Satvir Gill, his family doctor at Meadowbrook Medical Clinic, he was referred to Elaine St. Laurent and Cheryl Barabash, both primary care nurses who work for Edmonton Southside PCN. They helped him access a multidisciplinary pain clinic at the University of Alberta and obtain disability income through the provincial program, Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped.

In addition to his chronic pain, Dave has high blood pressure and COPD. Cheryl and Elaine have provided him with the resources needed to help him with these conditions.

He says he would be in a very stressful limbo if it weren’t for their aid.

“I look forward to my appointments because most of the time my appointments aren’t just with Dr. Gill. The best part is being able to talk to Elaine and Cheryl. The compassion is phenomenal,” adds Dave.

“They are there to help. They’re always there. They are fantastic. I don’t know where I would be without them.”