PCN nurse helps diabetic stay on track

Relationships matter, especially for your health care. Cheryl Ann Getty is thrilled with the relationship she has developed with her primary care nurse at Millbourne Road Medical Clinic and the impact it has made on her health.
Cheryl Ann, 62, has been seeing her doctor since 1976 and avoided going to the clinic because of the wait. She saw an immediate improvement once Surbjit Hans was hired through the Edmonton Southside Primary Clinic to support the clinic’s doctors.

“I notice that the flow is so much better,” she says.

As a Type 2 diabetic, Cheryl Ann needs extra medical attention.

“I come from a long line of diabetics but did not really understand how things have changed so much with regard to diabetes and how you eat. Surbjit was able to get me organized. She had forms and kept me on track,” she says.

“Maybe another patient does not have to talk as much, but I do, because I need to know they know everything so that I am understood. I feel like I spend my time with Surb and if the doctor needs to be part of it, he is made part of it immediately.”

She adds Surbjit makes the referral paperwork move quickly because their family doctor only has to sign the papers after they have been prepared by the PCN nurse.

Cheryl Ann’s struggle to lose weight has been supported by Surbjit through referrals to a dietitian and a mental health coordinator. Surbjit also has made recommendations to adjust her diabetes medication.
“I think she is totally amazing. I have told so many people about the quality of PCNs, what they are contributing and how they can improve people’s lives, “she says.